Friday, October 21, 2005

Week 38-42

AMD64/EM64T porting. Extracted even more from the ooo64bit02 - NumberFormat related patches, trivial long/ULONG -> sal_Int32/sal_uInt32 patches, and some smaller separable fixes (BigInt, PolygonPoints, ResId, c-includes, ...). Haven't created CWSes for them yet. Still about 350k of patches to split - but I'm afraid that it's going to be the harder part.

SUSE Labs conference. Had the talk, enjoyed the Sunday event, ... I had to leave earlier because of the OOo conference. conference. Great event, I am really happy I was there. Had the talk - see the slides about porting to AMD64/EM64T/x86-64 (whatever the right name is, I use AMD64 there:) ), met a lot of people, had fun, ... ;-)

OOo 2.0 is out. Did ooo-build-2.0.rc* releases, tested & fixed some minor issues (layout of Options...->View dialog, autobuild warnings, trailing ':' in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ...), ...

Updated ooo-build to newer milestones. m129, m134, ...

Build fixes. Several parallel build issues (mostly already fixed in some CWSes - thanks Caolan and Volker, extracted them for ooo-build), fixed few patches to apply, fixed one more un-apply problem in

Icon switching. Updated the specification again, and got it approved by the Sun QA people; hurray ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Week 37

AMD64 porting. Extracted more from the ooo64bit02 CWS - long *pDXArray related patches (and created 'dxarray' CWS for them), AccessibleChild related patches (too small set to create a CWS now), and started with NumberFormat related patches (to be continued). Still about 600k of patches to split, review and commit...

Update to m129. More work than usually thanks to the SISSL/LGPL -> LGPL license switch; some patches were failing, others were applied on wrong locations causing troubles later. Tedious.

Minor bits. Helped Eric with Environment Variables Wiki page.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Week 36

AMD64 porting. Created an 'extract-hunks' tool to split a patch into 2 according to a regexp, and extracted all the sal_IntPtr and sal_uIntPtr related changes into separate patches (and created some more). Hopefully they could be integrated somehow soon... Build on AMD64 was OK, the x86 build is still running.

KDE Address Book connector. Made CWS kaddressbook the source of the patches and fixed evo2 patches to co-exist nicely.

Recursive un-apply of the patches. Fixed the way the patches were reversed in ooo-build, so that even ugly dependent patches un-apply correctly.

Minor bits. Fixed stdlibs (unnecessary) copying, fixed cws-extract to checkout even newly created directories, ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Weeks 31-35

Vacation. Weeks 31-33, one day in the 34th week. Read all the mail in the queue, answered, etc.

aKademy 2005. I wanted to reuse the talk from the last year's OOoCon, but finally I had to write it nearly from scratch ;-) The slides are here. Good to see faces behind the nicks & names. Got one JCA signed (the author of the Mono icon set), nice to hear that one of the icon designers that worked/works on the Crystal set for OOo was hired by SUSE, and now works on the new default icon theme for KDE4, ... page update. The page was too old & outdated, updated it a bit so that it conforms with the talk.

KDE Address Book for OOo. Éric Bischoff works on a KDE Address Book connector. The development takes place directly in the OOo CVS (kaddrbook CWS). I tried it, and it looks good - the address book is already usable, but the SQL requests over it do not work fully yet (important for OOo Base). I am working on a better integration to ooo-build (so that we can easily update from the OOo CVS without conflicting with the Evolution bits).

OOoCon 2005. My talk was accepted. I booked the hotel (for me and Petr Mladek), managed the travelling there, etc.

Minor bits. Small cleanup of the old icon switching bits, some build bits, some fixes in ooo-build scripts, updated ooo-build to m127, fixed stdlibs (non)copying, sent the JCA from aKademy to Sun, ...

Week 30

Upstreaming the icon switching patches. Created a build for the Sun's QA, wrote a feature specification document, and got involved in a lengthy mailing explaining why is this feature so great and essential ;-)

AMD64 porting. Successfully built m121 on AMD64 after solving new build dependencies.

Wiki. Wrote (or converted from .html) few ooo-build wiki pages.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Week 29

KDE vclplug is in the default OOo packages now. m118 is the first build that contains it. Wrote a story, updated News on You can download the packages here.

HiContrast icon theme. Some more code removal, but I gave up soon to focus on up-streaming the icon switching patches.

Up-streaming the icon switching patches. Created the iconswitching1 CWS and committed all the available patches there, removed --with-icons configure option and made the themes building by default, rewrote to Perl to work on Windows as well, and built the CWS.

Minor. Tried to help with debugging of an Impress crasher a bit.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Week 28

HiContrast icon theme. I made HiContrast theme building in the ooo-build, improved my patches to select this theme when we run in hi-contrast mode (3 or 4 places), and started to cut the obsolete code that used to pick hi-contrast images. Incredible amount of hardcoded 'if ( hicontrast ) { something }'-like or 'foo = hicontrast? bar_hc: bar;'-like pieces to remove; grep points to ~1000 occurrences. No fun :-(

AMD64 porting. Updated to m116, tried to build it with gcc4; no big issues.

Sent an abstract for SUSE Labs conference.

Made a short presentation for the people about icecream.

Minor. Fixed *-lang.tar.bz2 downloading, filed an Impress crasher to IZ, moved my work partition from xfs to ext3, ...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Week 27

1 day off, 2 days public holidays.

AMD64 porting. Updated the patches to m114, built it and fixed its installation. Unfortunately the result does not work, and I was not too successful debugging it; I'll see the next week.

Icon swithing. Checked what has to be changed so that the HiContrast (accessibility) icons become a normal icon theme (like Industrial or Crystal), and did a simple script that digs the HiContrast icons out of the default icon set. TODO: Cleanup the code from hardcoded references to the HiContrast icons.

Build bits. Minor fix in Makefile.shared.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Week 26

AMD64 porting. Back to the bridges again. I found out that returning of floats/doubles does not work when the testsuite is compiled with optimization. I tried to investigate, but still no idea why. Rewrote another part of cpp2uno.cxx (wrt. structures <= 16 bytes) and started to rewrite uno2cpp.cxx.

Build bits. Don't optimize on AMD64 when we don't want it, removed few obsolete patches.

Sent an abstract for OOoCon 2005.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Week 25

Icon switching in OOo. Fixed few minor build problems with gcc4, added a patch for binfilter.

Mechanism to patch binfilter (filter for the old StarOffice 5.x formats) in ooo-build. We do not build binfilter by default, but there are packagers who do, and we should test bigger patches with binfilter enabled to see whether it still compiles OK. E.g. the icon switching patches broke it ;-)

Gtk+ vclplug too slow in KDE. I tried to investigate why is it so; the result was that there is a XCopyArea that copies from screen to a pixmap which takes ~30ms for one copy (!). No idea why is it so :-( The copying must be there because of broken Qt->Gtk+ theming engine that ignores clipping. i#50857 for the curious.

Build fixes. Updated several patches for m111, fixed a --without-java build.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Weeks 23-24

Icon switching in OOo. Implemented the saving, the switching in the help, fixed a small bug in bitmap loading, and filed the patches to issuezilla for a review; see #36518.

AMD64 porting. Up-streamed some of the patches (small ones that do not break 32bits).

Build bits. Updated ooo-build to m108 milestone.

Few days off. 1 the last week, and the rest of this week (Thursday, Friday).

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Weeks 17-22

Better switching between icon sets. Implemented the switching itself and GUI for that. The actual state is not yet saved, so OOo still starts with the icon set according to the desktop.

AMD64 porting.

  • First working version of the bridge; compiles well, the exceptions work. Todo: returning of small structs (<= 16 bytes; it is done in registers on AMD64). Big thanks to Honza Hubicka for a lesson about trampolines and libffi ;-)
  • Fixed several 64bit crashers (saving a pointer in an int, LONG_MAX in int for indication of un-initialized value, ...)
  • Fixed calculation of desktop size on 64bits.
  • Several fixes of the patches after updates to newer milestones.
  • etc.
In all, the 64bit OOo starts (of course not out-of-the-box, without Java, etc.), and I was able to write there, or load a document ;-)

Crystal icons for OOo. Made a new release (ooo_crystal_images-6.tar.bz2). 298 icons to do (from 907 total).

KDE fpicker.

  • Fixed disappearing filters in Insert->Picture->From File...
  • Adapted to changes in resource manager so that the checkboxes like "Read-only", "Add extension", etc. have their labels again.

Submitted a paper for the KDE conference.

Build bits. Fixed several patches to apply well, updated the "apply" file and some patches to a newer milestone, etc.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Weeks 10-16

SUSE Linux 9.3 work & fixes.

  • Better font resolving with KDE vclplug.
  • New version of the Crystal icons.
  • Fixed look of toolbar handles with several KDE styles.
  • Don't update font cache with every start.

Novell Linux Desktop. Backported some of the fixes that are in 9.3 (better font resolving, startup notification, better URL handling in KDE fpicker, partially support KIO).

Huge cleanup. Went through the list of all the patches that we had in ooo-build, but that were not listed to apply or that were disabled, and removed them completely (when already up-stream), or fixed them to apply again. Also filed some of the patches to IssueZilla and committed up-stream.

"cws-commit-patch" tool. Committing up-stream is quite painful; one has to file issue to IZ, create "child workspace" (cvs branch with additional info for EIS), associate the IZ number with the workspace, register the modules that one wants to commit to, commit the changes, fill owner and QA info into EIS and wait for its integration. This tool simplifies the process a lot when you have your change already as a patch (which is a common case in ooo-build). Still you have to file the issue and the EIS info, but it is the easiest part ;-)

Better handling of startup notification in KDE vclplug. Now it is handled in KDE plug-in its native way so that it builds & works fine even without libstartup-notification library.

Up-streaming. Committed up-stream the KDE NWF pieces that we have in 9.3.

Better switching between icon sets. To get the icon themes up-stream, it is necessary to provide a nice way of switching between them. Started this by cleaning lots of cut'n'paste in the icon-related code introduced in oooicons CWS. To be continued.

x86-64 port. Made quite a recent milestone (m94) compilable again on AMD64. Unfortunately the bridges code changed completely, so the UNO<->c++ bridge does not work at all :-( I'm working on this.

Small fixes. Parallel building in i18npool, search for moc during configure, gcc33 compilation fixes, fixes of the patches that do not apply, ...

Friday, March 4, 2005

Weeks 6-9

Bugfixing related to the next SUSE Linux version.

  • Take DESKTOP_LAUNCH into account also in File->Send->Document as E-mail.
  • Backport of NWF checkboxes size fix from vcl36 & implemented the KDE part.
  • Don't let KDE NWF toolbars and menus crash with Keramik.
  • Investigated and gave over AMD64 theming bug.
  • Fixed a crash of OOo with the KDE fpicker.
  • Do not wait for EOF on read() when the child (kdefilepicker) process exited.
  • Partial support for KIO; download the file locally if we cannot handle it natively in OOo.

Crystal and Mono icons for OOo. Kudos to Rob, Nuno and Danny, who do the artistic part:-) I improved the scripts generating the tarballs a bit, let ooo-build use the most recent version of the Crystal icons, and created a script that makes a nice status page, see here.

Various build bits. Fixed problems with gid_File_Lib_Vcl, resources in 'env' script, --without-java fix in filter, Industrial fallback for the missing Crystal icons, update to m79 & rotated the patches, fixed problems with Python path settings, ...

Upstreaming patches. Learned to work with CWS tools and committed several (~10) rather trivial patches from ooo-build up-stream in CWSes kendy01-kendy04.

OOo for x86-64. No real progress, just few fixes to be still compilable with recent milestones.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Weeks 2-5

OOo for x86_64. It shows the splash, and with some tweaking I can get it to show the main window. Unfortunately the exceptions in the UNO<->c++ bridge do not work (the thrown exceptions lead to terminate instead of being caught); I am debugging that, but still cannot find the reason:( I also updated the patches to build with the most recent milestone used in ooo-build. See also this Pavel Janik's blog entry.

NWF KDE toolbars and menus. Now even the toolbars and the menus are drawn according to style used in KDE. Some styles crash on exit of OOo; I'll catch that later and file upstream.

Use gcc34 + visibility + enum patches in ooo-build. Added the possibility to use the exactly same gcc as the Suns use for the development (made it as simple as --with-internal-gcc configure switch).

Various fixes. OOo did not start after integration of res32bit & use of linkoo, fix/workaround in dmake for one more parallel build breakage, etc.

Various build bits. Few resyncs to newer milestones, update of the fpicker patches, autoconfed some variables in distro-configs, etc.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Weeks 50-53 & 1

  • for x86_64. I took about 550k of patches from ooo64bit02 child workspace, and created ~300k of more patches so that it compiles. I finished it yesterday, and today I fixed it so that a small test application showed its window! :-) I started a clean rebuild now, and I'll see on Monday whether I could get the splash screen, or even more... If you want to try it, checkout ooo-build and use the NLD64 distro.
  • Crystal icons for 2.0. Rob and Nuno, the volunteers who offered to draw missing Crystal icons (very appreciated!), created ~100 icons already. It is still just a fraction of what is needed, but it is a great start. Some of them could be seen in action here (see the toolbar on the left, and the menu with shapes); there are more in the KDE CVS under kdeplayground-artwork/oooicons.
  • System Mozilla. OOo needs a symbol from nss that is not exported in the recent versions of Mozilla (PK11_GetCertFromPrivateKey). I stripped the needed part out of Mozilla sources and made it compile well inside ooo-build.
  • Various build bits. Update from m62 to m64, fixed some dependencies & broken patches, etc.