Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pro Git

I've just learned about the Git book - Pro Git. I've read just small parts of that, but looks really great :-) You can buy a printed version of that too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Split build

Split build is an effort to provide buildable by pieces; and additionally the way you can see with all the free software projects that use autotools - just ./configure ; make ; sudo make install.

But what I mean by 'building by pieces'? Imagine you are completely new to OOo development, and notice a tiny misbehavior in Calc. What do you have to do now? Download all the giant monolithic sources, guess the right configure switches, install all the dependencies, learn the OOo build system, and do the build. If you did not get demotivated by now, you might try to fix the original problem.

ooo-build makes it a bit easier - it has default settings for lots of the distros out there, and automates the download of the sources. But the ultimate answer is the split build :-)

With the split build [when finished, of course ;-)], all you'll have to do is install the*-devel packages using the way usual for your distro (in openSUSE, it will mean zypper source-install -d OpenOffice_org-calc, in Debian apt-get build-dep packagename), clone the Calc tree, and do ./configure (or ./ to generate the autotools stuff) ; make .

At the moment, it is work in progress, taking place in the ooo-build git repositories. So far, bootstrap (the common build pieces), ure (UNO Runtime Environment), libs-extern (3rd party libraries), and libs-extern-sys (3rd party libraries, usually available in recent Linux system) are in usable shape, more to come soon.

Oh yes, and for those who still want to build everything, there will be a possibility to do make world in bootstrap that will build everything from the beginning to the end :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

OOo KDE4 Integration

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Éric Bischoff, Bernhard Rosenkränzer, and Roman Shtylman, the KDE Integration has been ported to KDE4. It still has some rough edges (currently the detection does not work out of the box—you have to export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde4 to get it), but it is safe because it co-exists nicely with the existing KDE3 integration; so if you are not satisfied, you are able just swich back to KDE3 (export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde).

For KDE4, Roman is also changing the out-of-process implementation of the KDE file picker to an in-process implementation, so you'll probably notice some performance improvement of the KDE file dialog launch too :-)

Guys, thank you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yet another SVN to git conversion tool

Recently I needed to convert the ooo-build repository from the Gnome SVN to git, and also create a regularly updated git mirror of the SVN repository. Unfortunately I did not find a tool that would suffice my needs - git-svn was unable to handle more branches, and svn-all-fast-export had a Qt4 dependency that made it problematic to even compile, not to mention the syntax of the repository description file(s) that I did not really understand - so I decided to create a new tool based on svn-fast-export.c:

I made it for our needs, so there is just a simple Makefile, the code might be hacky here and there [and is C++ ;-)], but it seems to work really well - at least for us :-)


  • perfect import of trunk (master), branches and tags
    even when you svn cp things around like svn cp branches/blah/bleh trunk/foo/bar
    when there are commits to the tags
  • change login names to real names and email addresses
  • converts ChangeLog-like commit messages to git-like
  • allows you to split one SVN tree to multiple git trees
    (based on regexps)
  • allows you to convert leading tabs to spaces in files you choose
    (fixes a terrible pain in the OOo sources where tab is set to 4 spaces, and leading tabs and spaces are combined in nearly every source file!)
  • allows you to ignore broken tags/commits
  • and is really fast
    the OOo SVN with ~270000 commits in < 1hr on the right H/W ;-)

Documentation is a bit lacking, but basically you need to create one file containing the description of the repositories, and one with the names/emails of the svn login names, and you are ready to start ./ Description files I used for the ooo-build and OOo conversions are included.

So - if you are interested, and have a SVN repository to convert, give it a try. And if you have patches, please send them to me :-)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is git hard to use?

As you might know, ooo-build has switched to git a month ago. After the month of real use, I think we can say that no, git is not hard to use. But check an example git session and answer yourself :-)

And if you want to know more about the git usage, check the complete ooo-build GettingIt pages. Don't worry, it won't take you more than 10 minutes...