Friday, December 3, 2004

Week 48-49

  • Released 1.1.3-kde build for the community, see the Dot.
  • 3 volunteers to help with KDE icons for OOo 2.0 appeared after the release! :) I just hope that they are not going to be scared by the amount of the necessary icons... I made 1.9.62 rpms, tarball of OOo icons converted to SVG, and instructions for them. If you are also interested to help, just mail me (kendy at openoffice org), and you'll get it as well.
  • Various build bits in ooo-build HEAD. Removed obsolete workarounds for m55 and m57, ignore empty icon filenames, fixed conflict in integration of rodarvus01 and vcl28 #i37637#, installation without myspell, linkoo is a part of OOo sources now, fixed epm-based installation in ooo-build, ...
  • Various smaller tasks. Take DESKTOP_LAUNCH into account #i37708#, integrated Lubos Lunak's fix of file list changing in fpicker to ooo-build HEAD, 1-3 and 1-3-5 branches, made the desktop detection [KDE/Gnome] more reliable #i37977# and integrated it to ooo-build HEAD, 1-3 and 1-3-5.
  • Some SUSE bugzilla work, 1 day off, ill & working from home, etc.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Weeks 46-47

  • KDE icons for 2.0. Improved the script that generates the archive with KDE icons a lot, and made it re-use the neutral icons from the Gnome icon set now. A help of an icon designer is really needed; volunteers, anyone? ;)
  • KDE and Gnome fpickers for 2.0. Made them build and install again, fixed one small issue in KDE fpicker, improved the "original vs. KDE/Gnome fpicker" switch. No IssueZilla number for the fpicker patches, because I'd like to make the KDE fpicker internal (not out-of-process) before upstreaming.
  • NWF toolbars in OOo. Started patching OOo toolbars to use the look of the current KDE theme (similarly to what is currently done for other widgets); this will continue.
  • Various build bits (configure check for epm in ooo-build, did a cleanup of old/un-needed KDE patches, fixed compilation with system jpeg, fixed installing with system Mozilla, ...), and smaller fixes (fixed crash with icons sized between 16x16 and 26x26).
  • Small vacation. There is a public holiday tomorrow, and I'll be off for the rest of the week.

Monday, November 8, 2004

Week 45

So, I will try to publish (let's say) "work reports" regularly... Let's see how long I am able to handle something like that ;)

  • KDE and Gnome icons in 2.0. Patched OOo to choose the right ones at runtime, committed the patches to ooo-build, filed them upstream to IssueZilla, and removed obsolete resource patch. See IZ#36518 for more.
  • Update of ooo-build HEAD to src680-m60. The method of installation changed between m57 and m60 (instsetoo vanished, and instsetoo_native is the only available method of creating installation sets, to be precise; see here for more), so the ooo-build scripts had to be changed to at least deal with it; but more work will be needed. Additionally I remade some of the patches to apply again, removed the obsolete ones, and did some small build fixes. (More IZ numbers.)
  • KDE vclplug. Added the changes from ooo-build-1-3, cleaned the old bits, and filed upstream, see IZ#36761 and IZ#36761.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Slides from the SUSE Labs Conference

People start asking if I am still alive... Of course I am (you can see it from ooo-build Changelog), I just did not find enough time for writing blog entries.

Recently I was on SUSE Labs Conference, you can have a look at the slides about project from my talk. I'll give a similar talk on OOo Conference, but a little more detailed/technical.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


I am on vacation till 2004-08-05; currently in Jakarta, but heading to Sumatra tomorrow to spend the most of the time there...

I hope that I won't miss anything important in the OOo world, and that the last-minute work I did the day before I left is at least somehow useful :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

KDE File Picker is in ooo-build

So, KDE File Picker is finally in ooo-build. It is disabled by default for most distros, because it is still quite experimental. The exception is the one called KDE; it was always a test bed for my experiments ;)

Friday, June 18, 2004


Yesterday I was trying to debug a very tricky crash. Not just that it appeared very rarely, it was also crashing gdb when I was trying to debug it. I wanted to use Valgrind, but it was crashing as well. Frustrated, I entered "linux debugger" to google, and I found TotalView. I downloaded their trial version and I must admit I am amazed! Not just that it did not crash, but it also has very well-arranged and usable GUI (from my point of view); probably the best from the debuggers on Linux I have ever tested. I'll see what the rest of the trial period will show...

And the point? I did not find the reason of the crash, because when I got a usable backtrace and recompiled the affected part with debug info, the crash did not appear any more :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

KDE File Picker

Currently I work on KDE file dialog for OOo. Generally it means to implement FilePicker service; the problem is how to do it :)

Once KDE vclplug is finished, it will be simple, I believe. But I need a solution for 1.1.x, so I tried to link FilePicker to Qt; I do it in KDE NWF anyway. It was not a good idea, a deadlock appeared as soon as the dialog showed, and to solve it would be too intrusive. Then I hoped I could collect all the data, execute kdialog binary (part of KDE) with all the settings and return all the values when it finishes. But "Version:" list box did not work, it needs to be notified when a file is selected. So I ended up implementing an external binary providing the file dialog that can notify about every user's action.

The result is a kdefilepicker binary. It is a "filter" which gets commands from stdin, and sends output to stdout according to the user's actions. The implementation of the FilePicker service on the OOo side executes the binary and then just sends and receives commands. So it will be easy to extend it for Gnome when someone writes the Gnome "filter".

Of course this is a temporary solution just for 1.1.x, and I will not try to upstream it. But I'll make it public through ooo-build for testing soon.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Usual First Entry...

So, I was convinced to start a blog... It's going to be about my hacking, mainly the KDE Integration.