Monday, March 3, 2014

LibreOffice GSoC user interface tasks

If you are a student, love programming, and want to have fun & earn some money at the same time, you should really consider applying for Google Summer of Code 2014. And choose LibreOffice as the project - we have a really nice set of GSoC ideas to work on.

Working on a GSoC task has a real impact - for example the new LibreOffice 4.2 start center is the result of a GSoC task. Yes, the very face of new LibreOffice version is here thanks to Summer of Code.

I am going to mentor this year again, mostly user interface ideas. Let me summarize them here:

  • Improved Color Selection
    Something that is really badly needed in LibreOffice. Selecting a color that is not pre-defined is a painful task for users - help us to finally improve the experience there!
  • Further improvements in the Template manager
    The Template manager is a result of an older GSoC task too. We would like to integrate it into the new Start center, to get a seamless experience for the user.
  • Improve usability of Personas
    This is a task to make the selecting the themes for your LibreOffice more pleasant, with better integration with Firefox Themes.
  • Revamp the Gallery tool
    This task will enable the user to browse online gallery of shapes, based on an older work that made this somehow possible.
Each of this tasks will make LibreOffice more beautiful, more useful, and more pleasant to work with.

If you want to apply for any of these, don't forget that we require you to solve a programming Easy Hack first; the more of them you do, the better chances you have that we will select you.

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :-)

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