Friday, September 5, 2014

DrawingLayer: What Should You Know about It, and my other LibreOffice Conference 2014 presentations

At the LibreOffice Conference 2014, I had three presentations. The first one was about DrawingLayer, one of the core technologies in LibreOffice that is not known enough, which consequently leads to people not using it, or being afraid of doing changes there:
Click to see the presentation.

Based on the research I've done for the presentation, I extended the DrawingLayer's README and svx's README.

The other presentation was a Lightning talk giving a bit of a detail about the boost::unordered_map removal I've done, that was mentioned in the Miklos' blog post:

Click to see the presentation.
And the last presentation was about how to create a custom widget using the LibreOffice's widget toolkit, VCL:
Click to see the presentation.

The LibreOffice Conference is awesome, I'm extremely glad I can be here, and present to so many great people!

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